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College Planning by Design Mission:

To provide parents of college-bound teens a step-by-step plan to afford college without the worries of debt so that their children can live out their design without drowning in debt.

This is accomplished by:

1. Helping students discover their God-given design through the Career Direct Assessment.

2. Educating families about Student Loans.

3. Providing an E-Course and/or One-on-One coaching that helps them:

  • Maximize Aid
  • Reduce Costs
  • Limit Loans

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When Families Do Not Have the Right Plan:

of college students will not graduate in 4 years.

increase in student loan borrowing when not graduating on time.

more likely to default on student loans if you start college but do not finish.

College Planning
by Design E-Course

  • A step-by-step guide to affording college with minimal debt.
  • 90 mins of instruction spread over 22 video lessons.
  • Action Steps to coach families through implementing lessons.

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*The Free Student Loan Mini-Series contains 4 videos from the main course. Individuals get 7-day access to learn about loans and have the ability to buy the full course for 25% off. If an individual upgrades to the full course you will receive commission.

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