Meet the Charlton Family!

I don’t think I will ever forget the week I decided to resign from a job I loved to start College Planning by Design.

My wife and I were faced with difficult decisions because her health began to fail again after we thought chronic disease was in the rearview mirror.

Just two years earlier we were driving 4 days a week to an IV clinic 90 minutes away to help my wife deal with a disease that went undiagnosed for 7+ years.

The treatment helped but it became suddenly apparent that it hadn’t cured her and now our team of doctors were telling us that something needed to change…

Long story short, we had to figure out a strategy to move forward that allowed me to provide for my family while still living out my purpose.

I’m a pretty competitive person and so I was determined to figure something out fast!

It was quickly decided that I would combine by 7+ years of experience within Christian Higher Education and my seminary training to help families afford college without drowning in student debt using biblical wisdom and insider college knowhow.

During my time in Higher Ed I was a Director of Admissions and the Director of Student Financial Services and helped families create personalized plans to afford college responsibly. 

I learned a lot during this time and was shocked to find out that when I shared information with families, they had never heard it before - despite sitting through similar presentations at other colleges.

This fueled a passion to help all families know the information they need so they can make the best decisions when pursuing college. This passion resulted in the creation of The College Plan for Christians and I am so excited to share that plan with you.

The best way to get started is to click the link below to get FREE access to 5 Hidden Truths MOST Colleges Don’t Care To Share. This information could save you THOUSANDS!

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